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1. Department Chair:

The Board of Governors met yesterday and confirmed my reappointment as Chair for another term. This is not news to many of you as you have been aware of this decision for a while. The Board vote is the final step in a lengthy process. I have forwarded Dean Capone's e-mail message that was sent to faculty members in the the Faculty of Science. I requested a 3-year rather than a normal 5-year term of reappointment. I feel that this period will be sufficient to give me the time needed for full implementation of the new undergraduate programs and to get a revised graduate program in place.

2. Department Name Change:

The Board of Governors also approved the change of the department's name to the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology. Again many of you are aware that a change of the department's name was underway but the official announcement could only occur once the Board had given its approval. I will forward the 2-page rationale that was submitted for Faculty, Senate and Board for their consuderation and approval when I return to Canada. This name change reflects the evolution in research and teaching directions within the department over the past decade or so. This comes into effect July 1st, 2009.

3. Biointerfaces Institute CFI Grant Awarded:

A CFI grant submitted in the last competition and entitled 'Biointerfaces Institute' has been funded. John Brennan served as the architect and the principal applicant for a team of Science and Engineering faculty members. The CFI portion was fully funded at $7.23M. With provincial matching funds and vendor participation this grant will total about $18.1M. Congratulations to John and his team on this major award. I want to acknowledge the large amount of work done by Fred Capretta on the preparation of this grant. Fred worked closely with John and handled the the coordination of all of the equipment quotes and the preparation of the complex Financial Module within the grant.

4. Associate Chairs in the Department:

The Chair Selection Committee recommended the establishment of 3 Associate Chair positions. I agreed to these suggestions and I am pleased to announce the names of the persons who have agreed to serve in these positions. These positions will be effective July 1, 2009.

Associate Chair (Graduate Studies): Alex Adronov

Associate Chair (Undergraduate Studies): Ignacio Vargas-Baca

Associate Chair (Research): Paul Berti

Alex Adronov replaces Jacques Barbier who has served in this capacity for 10 years. The other two Associate Chair positions are new positions for this department. An undergraduate Associate Chair is a position that is part of the administration in many departments while an Associate Chair (Research) is a position in very few departments. Please join me in thanking these three for agreeing to serve as Associate Chairs for a 3-year period which will parallel my renewal term. In the future the Associate Chair positions will have 5-year terms like the Chair's term.

Thank you,
Brian E. McCarry, Ph.D. Professor and Chair,

Chemistry & Chemical Biology
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