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The Annual Monsaroff Student Paper Night was held on February 4th at Mohawk College.  The event was introduced in the 1960s and is named in recognition of Boris Monsaroff, an industrial chemist/chemical engineer and author. Monsaroff lived and worked in Hamilton, ON for more than 30 years and played a leading role in the CIC. He maintained a vigorous interest in science and economics and was deeply concerned with the impact of scientific development on economic and political policies. The Hamilton Section organized Student Paper Night in order to foster student interest in developing communication skills and in using these skills to transmit knowledge to a general audience.

Five students representing Mohawk College and McMaster University presented papers at this year's competition, on various chemical-related subjects. Cory Ozimok, a 3rd year ChemBio student, participated on behalf of the MUSCS.  His engaging presentation, entitled “Development of a Bioactive Paper Test Strip for E. coli Detection”, won the medal for the competition. Congratulations Cory!
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