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Tuesday, 28 September 2010 10:25


I am pleased to announce that Dr. Dan Sørensen has accepted the department’s offer as the NMR Applications Specialist. Dr. Sørensen will take up the position previously occupied by Dr. Don Hughes prior to his untimely death. Dr. Sørensen will take up this position in early January 2011.

Those of you had the opportunity to attend Dr. Sørensen’s seminar on September 17 will know what he has accomplished and will understand why I am extremely pleased to announce his acceptance of our offer.

Dr. Sørensen obtained his PhD in Denmark in 2002 and moved to Canada to take up a position at a now-defunct start-up company in Montreal that specialized in the isolation of bio-active natural products. In 2004 Dr. Sørensen moved to Merck-Frosst and oversaw the NMR lab then the combination of the NMR lab and mass spectrometry facility within the company. He is a first-class high resolution NMR spectroscopist. Chemists with this type of expertise are very hard to find and in big demand.

The imminent closure of the Merck-Frosst research labs provided us with the opportunity to hire Dr. Sørensen.

Brian McCarry

Chemistry & Chemical Biology
McMaster Academic Planner