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Monday, 17 January 2011 10:06


Many of you may have noticed a new person hanging around the NMR facility this year.  Indeed,  Dr. Dan Sorensen joined the McMaster NMR Facility at the beginning of January.  He's getting settled in to his new surroundings, and is looking forward to some new and interesting challenges.

Dan is coming to McMaster with eight years of post-doctoral experience in the pharmaceutical industry where he worked on the discovery and development of antibiotics into therapeutic anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents.  He is an expert in isolation and structural elucidation of small organic molecules from complex biological matrices and has extensive industrial experience with applications in the areas of Natural Product Chemistry, Drug Metabolism, and Medicinal Chemistry.

His experience includes in vitro metabolic stability assessment and profiling of preclinical drug candidates (interspecies hepatocytes, microsomes, and organ tissues; recombinant CYP enzymes; monoclonal inhibitory antibodies; LC-MS; NMR) and in vivo DM studies (circulating metabolites in plasma; excretion of metabolites in bile-duct cannulated rats; radiometric HPLC).

Given his experience and expertise outside of NMR, Dan is well positioned to provide extensive advice and support to you for your more challenging scientific samples and questions. 

Welcome to the department Dan!

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