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Paul Johnson completed his B.Sc. in Chemistry at Carleton University and was awarded a University Medal in Science - he has now been awarded the Vanier Scholarship for his doctorate degree in Chemistry. Paul received numerous awards as an undergraduate and graduate student, including Undergraduate Student Research Awards, Ontario Graduate Scholarships, NSERC and industry associations. A strong mathematical ability led him to solve problems that theoreticians have been working on since the 1960s.  As a member of Professor Ayers’ theoretical chemistry research group, one of the most prolific in Canada, he has taken on a mentor role, overseeing research of two undergraduate students. Paul is an active member of several committees aimed at improving the graduate student experience both academically and socially.

His Research

Chemistry plays a role in so many areas of our lives, from achieving health through quality medications to filling our gas tanks with more eco-friendly fuels.

The physical laws of chemistry have been established for over 80 years, but the mathematical equations that must be solved to bring about such innovations are time-consuming, difficult to solve and carry a high price tag. Chemists must struggle through many trials and errors on the path to success.

Paul Johnson’s research is focused on developing a new computational tool that will help chemists worldwide increase their efficiency and effectiveness. His work examines the success of various computational approaches, while identifying – and avoiding – their pitfalls.

This new tool will reduce the costs of innovation and enable future invention.

Congratulations Paul.



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