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Three of our students won "Poster of Distinction" awards for their poster presentations at the Sixteenth International Symposium on Silicon Chemistry, which was held at McMaster August 14-18.  They are:

Adam Pantaleo, The Reaction of Germylene (GeH2) with 2,3-Dimethyl-1,3-butadiene in Hydrocarbon Solvents (Adam is entering Level 3 of the Honours ISci & Chemistry program, and held a NSERC USRA this past summer)

Robin Hayes, Mechanistic Studies of the Reactions of Transient Silylene-Ether Complexes with Acids and Bases in Ether/Hexanes Mixtures ((Robin is entering Level 3 of the Honours Arts & Science and Chemistry program, and held one of the department's Summer Research Scholarships for Level 1 students this past summer)

Svetlana Kostina, McMaster University, Steric Effects on the Kinetics and Mechanisms of the Reactions of Transient Silylenes with Oxiranes and Thiiranes

There were roughly 140 posters presented during the conference and relatively few of them were given by undergraduate students, making Adam's and Robin's achievements all the more remarkable.

Congratulations All!!!

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