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This past Friday, at the Fall Convocation, Dr. Gary Schrobilgen received the Distinguished Alumni Award.

After earning his undergraduate degree in his native Iowa, Dr. Gary Schrobilgen came to Canada and Brock University for his Master of Science degree and then graduated from McMaster University with his PhD in inorganic chemistry in 1974 under the supervision of Professor Ron Gillespie. Following a postdoctoral fellowship in England, he joined McMaster’s Chemistry Department where, in 1988, he became a full professor of inorganic chemistry.

Dr. Schrobilgen’s research has focussed on fundamental studies of highly reactive chemical species involving fluorine derivatives of the noble gases and polyatomic anions of main-group elements. He is perhaps best known for his detailed work involving the syntheses and structural characterizations of a large percentage of the known compounds of krypton and xenon, as well as fluoro- and oxofluoro-derivatives of main-group elements and transition metals in their highest oxidation states. His work has had applications in nuclear power generation, photovoltaic and semiconductor materials, refrigerants, advanced rocket propellants and microelectronics.

In addition to leadership in research, Dr. Schrobilgen is an accomplished mentor, having won the McMaster University President’s Award for Excellence in Graduate Supervision. Dr. Schrobilgen has dedicated himself not just to research and teaching, but to advancing his profession as well. He has served on the Executive Committee of the Division of Fluorine Chemistry of the American Chemical Society, holding the chairmanship of the committee in 2005.

Dr. Schrobilgen has also collected many of the most prestigious awards in his field. A fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, he has received the American Chemical Society Award for Creative Work in Fluorine Chemistry, the Alcan Lecture Award, the International Award for Pure or Applied Chemistry, the E.W.R. Steacie Award in Chemistry, a Humboldt Research Award from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and the Canada Council Killam Research Fellowship.          

McMaster is pleased to present the 2011 Distinguished Alumni Award for the Sciences to Dr. Gary Schrobilgen.


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