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Magic of Molecules - A Smash Success! Print E-mail

It was an evening of “Magic”…of Molecules!


I would like to extend my thanks and congratulations on a job well done to all those who contributed to a highly successful presentation of the ‘Magic Of Molecules’ on Saturday, Oct. 20th. We offered the show to a full house (375 people)  in BSB 147, and were most ably supported by a large crew of Chemistry and Chemical Biology students (and one former student!); Heather Zelisko, the preparer of all of our successful demonstrations; and my co-presenters David Brock and David Emslie.


The show was received with tremendous enthusiasm and we heard a great deal of positive feedback afterwards.


I extend grateful thanks to our sponsors, The Chemical Institute of Canada (Hamilton Section); Titles, McMaster University Bookstore, and the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology outreach program.


Our Chemistry and Chemical Biology student volunteers:

Faisal Adam Pany

Edmond Chiu

Elna DeGlint (MAC graduate!)

Tara Dickie

Fahim Naeem

Nick Plagos

Aviansh Ramkissoon

Joanne Tan

Kevin Yin


Again, thank you to all – putting on an event of this scale is only possible with your support, good humour, and enthusiasm.


Well done!




Dr. Pippa Lock, Assistant Professor

Associate Chair (Undergraduate); Year 1 Coordinator

Chemistry & Chemical Biology
McMaster Academic Planner