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CSC Conference
CSC Conference
01.06.2009 - 15.06.2009
Hamilton Convention Centre - Hamilton
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CSC Conference


As of yesterday afternoon conference registration was 2076, an all-time record for a CSC Conference and a number which eclipsed the attendance at a meeting in Montreal several years ago.

A few highlights.  The Inorganic Division program with its symposium in honour of Ron Gillespie and the Physical and Theoretical Division program with its theoretical chemistry symposium in honour of Richard Bader were strong features of this conference.  For many years some divisions have had mixed success in attracting attendees (e.g., the chemical education, environment and industrial divisions); this year these divisions were rejuvenated with excellent programs and record attendance at many sessions.   The performance by Willie Leigh and The Stingrays at the Inorganic Mixer was the musical hit of the conference and it is unlikely any future CSC Program Chair will be asked to give an encore performance.


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