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2011 MacLean Lecture Series
19.05.2011 - 20.05.2011
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The 8th annual David B. MacLean Lectureship will be held this year on Thursday, May 19th - Friday, May 20th. We are very excited this year to have Professor Laura L. Kiessling from the University of Wisconsin-Madison come to McMaster to present two lectures. Prof. Kiessling's research focuses on the development and implementation of synthetic methodologies towards biologically active compounds, and the investigation of biological recognition processes. Some of the current research projects in her group include investigating the biological roles of carbohydrates, focusing on synthesizing carbohydrates and glycoconjugates, and investigating how cells detect and respond to stimuli in the environment. In addition to her research projects, Prof. Kiessling has served on the editorial boards of numerous journals, including JACS, Accounts of Chemical Research and Annual Reviews of Biochemistry; she is currently Editor-in-Chief of ACS Chemical Biology.  ( View poster)

As with previous MacLean Lectures, there will be opportunities for graduate students to meet with Prof. Kiessling, and I encourage all of you to take advantage of this great opportunity. If your research group would be interested in arranging a meeting with the speaker, please email me by Friday, May 13th, at the latest.

For students new to our department, the MacLean Lecture series has been held every year since 2004 in honor of the late McMaster Professor David B. MacLean. Prof. MacLean taught at McMaster for 49 years, serving as the Chair of the Department on two separation occasions. He was a renowned natural products chemist who authored over 151 publications, and is remembered not only as a respected colleague and administrator, but as a caring teacher and mentor as well.

Best Regards,

Nicole Rice
PhD Candidate
Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology
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