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Minisymposium on Computational Chemistry
A404 -
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Greetings all.
Since this week I will have four scientists from three continents visiting my research group, I decided to organize a small "minisymposium" on computational/theoretical chemistry.  Everyone is invited for all, or part, of this.  The schedule and speakers are as follows:
1:00  Annie Liu; McMaster
"Big Ideas;" challenging problems in computational/theoretical chemistry.
(Our "group meetings" always start with an informal talk on outstanding/unsolved problems.)
1:10  Samantha Jenkins; Hunan Normal University
"Exploration of a Dynamical Theory of Atoms in Molecules."
1:50  Steven Kirk; Hunan Normal University
"Computational Chemical Physics of Colloids for Industry"
2:30  Pablo Lopez-Tarifa; Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Madrid
and Université Evry Val d'Essonne, Paris
"Modeling Double Ionization of Biomolecules by Non-Adiabatic Dynamics."
3:10  BREAK
3:40 Eleonora Echegaray; Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
"Reaction Force and Other Properties Along Reaction Paths"
4:20 Steven Burger; McMaster
"Empirical Prediction of Protein pKa Values"
All talks are in ABB-A404 and will be 30 minutes, plus 10 minutes for questions and discussion. Everything is casual but I will try to keep things more-or-less on time, though I think we are all hopeful that we might end up running a bit ahead of schedule.
Some of the faculty will remember Samantha Jenkins and Steven Kirk; Samantha was a postdoc of Richard Bader at the turn of the millennium and has been back to visit McMaster several times since then.  She and her husband recently traded their professorships in Sweden for professorships in China, and some of you may wish to talk with them about old times, new science, or China's rapid emergence on the world science scene.  If you would like to talk with them, just drop me a line and we'll schedule an appointment.  Samantha and Steven are here until Thursday; Pablo and Eleonora are here until the end of the month.


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