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According to the EOHSS Training Matrix, the following Health and Safety courses are manadatory:

Office WHMIS or Core WHMIS- mandatory: those using chemicals must take the Core WHMIS program otherwise office staff should take Office WHMIS

Fire Safety – mandatory for all

Chemical Handling – if you are using chemicals in any location it is mandatory that you take this course 

Spills Management – if you are using chemicals or other substances that may cause a spill it is mandatory that you take this course 

Asbestos Awareness - mandatory for all

Slips, Trips & Falls - mandatory for all

Ergonomics - mandatory for all

Lock out/Tag out - if you are working in a laboratory, it is mandatory that you take this training

Due Diligence - this course reviews Supervisor's duties & responsibilities under the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act as well as provides tools and information to assist supervisors in fulfilling their workplace role.If this role applies to you, you must take this course tri-annually.( This applies to all faculty as well as graduate students who supervise in their role as TA's.)

HF – if you are working with or in the immediate vicinity of anyone using hydrogen fluoride it is mandatory that you take this training

If you use or are involved in any of the following, you must have training: (Please ask your supervisor if you are unsure if you need training)
- Autoclave
- Bio Level 3 Training
- Biosafety (annual updates)
- Fall Protection
- Fit Testing
- Gas Cylinder
- Hydrogen Fluoride
- Laser Safety (class 3b & 4) (every 2 years)
- Radiation Safety
- Specialized Biosafety A.F.
- Violence in the Workplace