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If you have questions about our first year program in Chemistry, please contact the First Year Co-ordinator or the Undergraduate Advisor.


Thinking of joining our department?  Watch this video to see what opportunities await you!

NSERC Undergraduate Summer Research Awards

Applications are now being accepted for these prestigious awards. If you are a highly qualified student and are interested in working in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology this summer, we encourage you to apply - deadline is February 13, 2015.


Please watch the Lab Safety Video - The video will take approximately 20 minutes in total to watch. You may go back and watch it as many times as you like. (Remember to turn on your speakers!)

The Reactive Intermediates Student Exchange (RISE) is an undergraduate summer exchange program for students in the chemical sciences. Information can be found at:  McMaster has celebrated 19 yrs of RISE student involvement!


Congratulations to the 2013 Scholarship Award Winners in the Dept. of Chemistry & Chemical Biology!

There are often teaching assistant positions open in CHEM2OA3/2OB3. Resumes are continually being accepted in case hires are necessary. Please email resumes to Greg Bahun ( Candidates with an undergraduate degree in chemistry are preferred. Experience TAing chemistry courses and a good background in organic laboratory techniques are essential qualifications.

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