Group News


Ryan Selected for CSC

Ryan Chadwick, currently a post-doc in the group, was selected to be one of the four student/postdoc speakers of the inaugural Emerging Materials Chemistry Investigator Symposium at the upcoming CSC conference in Ottawa 2015. Congratulations Ryan!

Ryan Convocates

Ryan Chadwick officially became Dr. Ryan Chadwick at the fall Convocation Ceremony today. Congratulations Ryan on achieving this milestone!


Shuai's Latest Manuscript Accepted!

Shuai’s latest manuscript, a collaborative effort led by Prof. Yuming Zhao (Memorial University of Newfoundland) studied dithiafulvenyl-grafted phenyl acetylene polymers as selective and reversible dispersants for single-walled carbon nanotubes. This work showed that selective and reversible nanotube dispersion can be achieved with a new “centipede wrapping” motif.

Paper Image2

Ryan Defends his PhD

Ryan Chadwick successfully defended his PhD thesis, entitled “The Suspension of Carbon Nanotubes in Bulk Polymer”. Congratulations to Dr. Chadwick for a fantastic piece of work, and for all of his contributions to the group!

Stuart Becomes a PhD Student

Stuart McNelles successfully completed his transfer exam, and has smoothly transitioned from the MSc program into the PhD program. His project involves dendrimer based diagnostic and therapeutic agents... and mice around the world are running scared!

Shuai Passes Comprehensive

Shuai Liang has successfully completed his comprehensive examination and has become a PhD candidate. Congratulations Shuai! Nice form with opening the champagne bottle too...

Vlad receives Brooman Award

Vlad Kardelis was awarded the Brooman bursary for his outstanding progress in graduate studies. Congratulations Vlad!

Stuart receives OGS Scholarship

Stuart McNelles was awarded an OGS Scholarship. Congratulations Stuart!

Sabrina Receives OGF Scholarship

Sabrina Van Gyzen was awarded an OGF. Congratulations Sabrina!

Shuai Receives Vanier Scholarship

Shuai Liang was awarded the most prestigious NSERC scholarship available to graduate students - the NSERC Vanier Scholarship. Only 150 of these are awarded across all science disciplines throughout Canada. Congratulations Shuai on this major achievement!

Sabrina Passes Comprehensive!

Sabrina successfully completed her month-long comprehensive examination with flying colours! She is now a PhD Candidate! Congratulations Sabrina!

Shuai's Manuscript Accepted

Shuai Liang’s manuscript entitled “Selective and reversible non-covalent functionalization of SWNTs by a pH-responsive TTFV-fluorene copolymer” was accepted in JACS! Congratulations Shuai!
Liang - TOC Graphic5