Group News

Robert Grubbs Visits Mac

Robert H. Grubbs, 2005 Nobel Prize winner, was the 12th MacLean Lecturer in our department. The group had a chance to meet him and chat about their work...

Victoria Marando Joins the Group

Victoria Marando, an undergraduate in Chemical Biology, has joined the group as a summer researcher. Welcome Victoria.

Vlad and Sabrina Receive OGS Awards

Vlad Kardelis and Sabrina Hodgson (nee Van Gyzen) have been awarded Ontario Graduate Scholarships. Congratulations to Vlad and Sabrina!

Darryl Wins NSERC Award

Darryl Fong is one of only two departmental recipients of an NSERC Doctoral scholarship, one of the most prestigious awards for graduate students in Canada. Congratulations Darryl!

Thesis Students Present Projects

Congratulations to Leonora and Kelvin on delivering fantastic talks at the 4G9 Thesis Presentation night. These presentations represented a lot of hard work and long hours in the lab, but all that effort paid off!

Leo and Kelvin2

Also, Congratulations to Kevin, a joint thesis student with the Moran-Mirabal group, who also did a fantastic job with his presentation!

Stu Passes his Comprehensive Exam

Stu McNelles has passed his comprehensive examination, and is now a Ph.D. Candidate. Congratulations Stu!! Well done!


Shuai Gets Impact Award

Shuai was selected to receive an impact award, recognizing his contribution to the JACS paper “Selective and reversible non-covalent functionalization of SWNTs by a pH-responsive TTFV-fluorene copolymer”. Congratulations Shuai!

Impact Award Certificate - Liang2

Sabrina and Darryl Win Travel Awards

Sabrina and Darryl have received departmental travel awards! Sabrina will head to the Gordon Research Conference on Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering in Girona, Spain, and Darryl will head to the CSC meeting in Ottawa. Congratulations!

Shuai Wins Award

Shuai Liang received news that he is the recipient of the Chinese Government Award For Outstanding Self-Financed Student Abroad. Congratulations Shuai!

Vlad Transfers

Vlad Kardelis is officially in the Ph.D. program, having passed his transfer examination. Congratulations Vlad!


Ryan Selected for CSC

Ryan Chadwick, currently a post-doc in the group, was selected to be one of the four student/postdoc speakers of the inaugural Emerging Materials Chemistry Investigator Symposium at the upcoming CSC conference in Ottawa 2015. Congratulations Ryan!

Ryan Convocates

Ryan Chadwick officially became Dr. Ryan Chadwick at the fall Convocation Ceremony today. Congratulations Ryan on achieving this milestone!


Shuai's Latest Manuscript Accepted!

Shuai’s latest manuscript, a collaborative effort led by Prof. Yuming Zhao (Memorial University of Newfoundland) studied dithiafulvenyl-grafted phenyl acetylene polymers as selective and reversible dispersants for single-walled carbon nanotubes. This work showed that selective and reversible nanotube dispersion can be achieved with a new “centipede wrapping” motif.

Paper Image2

Ryan Defends his PhD

Ryan Chadwick successfully defended his PhD thesis, entitled “The Suspension of Carbon Nanotubes in Bulk Polymer”. Congratulations to Dr. Chadwick for a fantastic piece of work, and for all of his contributions to the group!

Stuart Becomes a PhD Student

Stuart McNelles successfully completed his transfer exam, and has smoothly transitioned from the MSc program into the PhD program. His project involves dendrimer based diagnostic and therapeutic agents... and mice around the world are running scared!

Shuai Passes Comprehensive

Shuai Liang has successfully completed his comprehensive examination and has become a PhD candidate. Congratulations Shuai! Nice form with opening the champagne bottle too...

Vlad receives Brooman Award

Vlad Kardelis was awarded the Brooman bursary for his outstanding progress in graduate studies. Congratulations Vlad!

Stuart receives OGS Scholarship

Stuart McNelles was awarded an OGS Scholarship. Congratulations Stuart!

Sabrina Receives OGF Scholarship

Sabrina Van Gyzen was awarded an OGF. Congratulations Sabrina!

Shuai Receives Vanier Scholarship

Shuai Liang was awarded the most prestigious NSERC scholarship available to graduate students - the NSERC Vanier Scholarship. Only 150 of these are awarded across all science disciplines throughout Canada. Congratulations Shuai on this major achievement!

Sabrina Passes Comprehensive!

Sabrina successfully completed her month-long comprehensive examination with flying colours! She is now a PhD Candidate! Congratulations Sabrina!

Shuai's Manuscript Accepted

Shuai Liang’s manuscript entitled “Selective and reversible non-covalent functionalization of SWNTs by a pH-responsive TTFV-fluorene copolymer” was accepted in JACS! Congratulations Shuai!
Liang - TOC Graphic5

Ryan and Vlad's Paper Accepted

Ryan and Vlad have had their paper, “Synthesis of Conjugated Polymers Containing DIBAC-Derived Triazole Monomers” accepted in Macromolecules. In this paper they describe the preparation of a new class of conjugated polymers containing cyclooctyne-derived triazole structures. Congratulations to Ryan and Vlad.

Graphical Abstract - final4

Victoria Defends M.Sc.!!!

Victoria Mackey defended her M.Sc., entitled “The Synthesis of Dendrimer-Based Infection Imaging Probes”. Congratulations Victoria!
(Victoria drinking from the special chalice at the Phoenix after the defense)

Jim Defends Ph.D.!!!

Jim Mayo defended his Ph.D., entitled “Preparation and Properties of Reversible Polymers and Self-Assembly of Carbon Nanotubes”. Congratulations Dr. Mayo!
Jim DefenseJim_Chalice

President's Award for Excellence in Graduate Supervision

I would like to thank those graduate students who nominated me for this award. Although I did not receive one of the two awards that were given, just being nominated is an honour. I am humbled to be among the other fantastic nominees, and am thankful to the students for taking the time and effort to complete the nomination. I am also extremely fortunate to be working with a team of wonderfully talented students. I appreciate this nomination very much!
Award Certificateb

Patigul Defends Ph.D.!!!

Patigul Imin defended her Ph.D., entitled “Supramolecular Functionalization of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes with Conjugated Polymers. Congratulations Dr. Imin!!
Patigul DefensePatigul Defense3

Alex Promoted

Alex was officially promoted to the rank of Professor.

Sabrina Wins Award at CSC

Sabrina won 2nd place for her oral presentation at the CSC meeting in Quebec. Her presentation was entitled "Poly(ethylene oxide) Hydrogels for Cell Encapsulation".  Sabrina was the winner of an Ed Hileman Travel Award, which funded her trip to the conference. Congratulations to Sabrina!

Group Goes to CSC

A number of the Adronov Group members attended the CSC meeting. Nicole, Ryan, Sabrina, Victoria, Stuart, and Lukas all presented oral and poster presentations. They also enjoyed an evening of fun and excitement in a jail cell (as part of the Polymer Mixer).
Jail Photo2Jail Photo3

Vlad Kardelis starts MSc

Vlad Kardelis, formerly a 4GO9 student in the Adronov Group, has now joined the group as our newest MSc student. Welcome Vlad!

New Summer Students Join the Group

Darryl Fong and Mackenzie Richardson have joined the group as summer students. Welcome Darryl and Mackenzie!

Nicole's Paper Accepted in Macromolecules

Nicole Rice’s full paper, entitled “Supramolecular Interactions of High Molecular Weight Poly(2,7-carbazole)s with Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes” was accepted in Macromolecules. This paper describes a series of results involving the preparation of a new polycarbazole polymer and it’s use to functionalize and solubilize carbon nanotubes. This polymer exhibits one of the strongest interactions with nanotubes that we’ve seen. Congratulations to Nicole!

TOC Image - web page

Mokhtar Passes the Comprehensive

Mokhtar successfully passed the Comprehensive Examination, and is now a full Ph.D. candidate. Congratulations Mokhtar! He also managed to figure out how to open a bottle of champagne…

Travel Scholarships

Five group members received travel scholarships to attend conferences all over the world. Ryan, Lukas, and Nicole were awarded a Russell Bell Scholarship (worth $2,000 each). Ryan will attend the Functional Pi-conjugated Materials conference in Bordeaux, Lukas will attend the International Dendrimer Symposium in Madrid, and Nicole will attend the NT13: The Fourteenth International Conference on the Science and Applications of Nanotubes, to be held in Espoo, Finland. Victoria and Sabrina were awarded the Ed Hileman travel awards (worth $500 each) to attend the CSC meeting in Quebec. Congratulations!!

Sabrina Becomes a Ph.D. Student

Sabrina VanGyzen successfully passed her Transfer Examination to be reclassified as a Ph.D. student. Congratulations Sabrina!

Greg's paper with Jean Duhamel Accepted

Greg Bahun’s latest collaborative paper with Prof. Jean Duhamel (U of Waterloo), entitled “Studying Pyrene-Labelled Macromolecules with the Model Free Analysis” was accepted in the Journal of Physical Chemistry.
TOC Fig2

Alex Wins Award

Alex, and the entire Adronov Group, was awarded the 2013 Award for Research Excellence in Materials Chemistry, given annually by the Materials Division of the CIC. Alex will present his award lecture at the CSC meeting in Quebec City in May, 2013.

Lukas's Collaborative Paper Accepted

The long-awaited collaborative paper between Lukas Sadowski and Ferdinand Gonzaga (Brook Group) was accepted for publication in the Journal of Polymer Science A: Polymer Chemistry. The paper is entitled “Highly efficient divergent synthesis of dendrimers via metal-free “click” chemistry.”

Sabrina VanGyzen receives the 2012 Brooman Bursary

The Brooman Bursary is awarded to top MSc level students in our department. This year, Sabrina VanGyzen was nominated and received this prestigious award. Congratulations Sabrina!

Ryan Chadwick wins Impact Award

Ryan Chadwick was recognized by the department with an Impact Award, which is given to graduate students who have published high-impact papers in the past year. Ryan’s paper entitled “Polymer Grafting to Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes: Effect of Chain Length on Solubility, Graft Density and Mechanical Properties of Macroscopic Structures” was published in the journal Small.

New Thesis Students Start in the Adronov Group

Welcome to Chris Colaneri and Vlad Kardelis, as they start their 4GO9 thesis projects in the group. Chris will work on dendrimer synthesis for targeted diagnostic imaging, while Vlad will work on new polymers for carbon nanotube functionalization.

New Graduate Students Start in the Adronov Group

Two new graduate students have begun studies in the Adronov Group. Shuai Liang did his MSc thesis at Memorial University prior to coming to McMaster. Stuart McNelles completed his BSc at UOIT prior to arriving at McMaster. Welcome to Shuai and Stuart!

Ryan's Paper Accepted in Small!

Ryan’s paper, entitled “Polymer Grafting to Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes: Effect of Chain Length on Solubility, Graft Density and Mechanical Properties of Macroscopic Structures” was accepted in Small. Congratulations Ryan!
TOC Figure - complete

Spencer Defends MSc Thesis

Spencer Knight successfully defended his Master’s thesis, entitled

The Synthesis of Dendrimer-based Radioimaging Agents”. Congratulations to Spencer! We wish Spencer all the best in Teacher’s College, and his future career as a teacher.


Kirill Completes Postdoc

Kirill Skupov completed his postdoctoral studies in the Adronov Group.

Xin Pang Finishes Postdoc - Starts at Canmet

Xin Pang, who has been a postdoctoral fellow in the Adronov Group for nearly 3 years, has accepted a position at CANMET, the national materials research laboratory in Hamilton, ON. Congratulations to Xin! We wish her all the best in her career at CANMET.

Patigul and Mokhtar - Another Paper Accepted

Congratulations to Patigul and Mokhtar for having their paper, entitled “Supramolecular Functionalization of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes (SWNTs) with a Photoisomerizable Conjugated Polymer”, accepted in Macromolecules.
TOC Image

Sophie Liogier Joins the Group!

Sophie Liogier, a visiting student from France, joined the group and will be working on the synthesis of new conjugated polymers. Welcome Sophie!

Lukas, Victoria, and Mokhtar Present at CSC

Lukas, Victoria, and Mokhtar attended the CSC meeting in Calgary, AB, and presented their research projects. They also found some time to enjoy the mountains around Banff and Lake Louise.
Mokhtar posterVictoria Poster
Lukas ClimbVictoria climb