Adronov Research Group

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Graduate Students

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Evan Burns

M.Sc. Student
B.Sc. -
McMaster University
Project: Dendrimer Synthesis and Molecular Sieving
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Melissa Barrera

Ph.D. Candidate
M.Sc. -
Project: Dendronization of Biomacromolecules
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James Bodnaryk

Ph.D. Candidate
B.Sc. -
Trent University
Project: Novel Conjugated Polymers for Carbon Nanotube Functionalization
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Vladimir Kardelis

Ph.D. Candidate
B.Sc. - McMaster University
Project: New Conjugated Polymers for Carbon Nanotube Functionalization
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Kelvin Li

Ph.D. Candidate
B.Sc. -
McMaster University
Project: Efficient Functionalization of Conjugated Polymers
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Stuart McNelles

Ph.D. Candidate
B.Sc. - University of Ontario Institute of Technology
Project: Dendrimer-based Radioimaging and Therapeutic Agents
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Dialia Ritaine

Ph.D. Student
B.Sc. - University of Strasbourg, France
Project: Printed Electronics with Carbon Nanotubes

Postdoctoral Fellows

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Eric Meichsner, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow
Ph.D. - University of Strasbourg
Project: Nanotube-based Sensors

Undergraduate Students

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Bram Bussin

B.Sc. - McMaster University (in progress)
Project: Nanowire Synthesis
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Maria Denk

B.Sc. - McMaster University (in progress)
Project: Photo-click chemistry
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Naomi Wong

B.Sc. - McMaster University (in progress)
Project: Covalent Organic Frameworks


Group Alumni

Graduate Students
Zhaoling Yao (2003) M.Sc. U of Waterloo (Research Associate)
Hai Wang (2004) M.Sc. Opal (Ph.D. at U of Toronto)
Yuanqin Liu (2004) M.Sc. Dow Chemical (Ph.D. at U of Toronto)
Claire Wang (2004) M.Sc. Winnipeg Health Science Centre
Rahima Benhabbour (2009) Ph.D. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (Professor)
Matthew Parrott (2009) Ph.D. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (Professor)
Christa Homenick (2010) Ph.D. National Research Council (Research Officer)
Gregor Lawson (2010) Ph.D. University of Guelph (Industry Liaison Officer)
Spencer Knight (2012) M.Sc. Ontario School Board (Teacher)
James Mayo (2013) Ph.D. Xerox Research Centre of Canada
Patigul Imin (2013) Ph.D. NorthernChem (Senior Research Scientist)
Victoria Mackey (2013) M.Sc. Univar Canada
Ryan Chadwick (2014) Ph.D. Medical School
Nicole Rice (2015) Ph.D. Postdoctoral Fellow (University of Ottawa, Chemical and Biological Engineering)
Lukas Sadowski (2016) Ph.D. Postdoctoral Fellow (McMaster, Chem. Eng.)
Mokhtar Imit (2017) Ph.D. Research Chemist, Toronto Research Chemicals
Shuai Liang (2017) Ph.D. Postdoctoral Fellow, McMaster University
Sabrina Hodgson (2017) Ph.D. Research Chemist, Estée Lauder
Gregory Bahun (2018) Ph.D. (posthumous)
Darryl Fong (2019) Ph.D. MIT - Postdoctoral Studies
Postdoctoral Fellows
Sonia Behal (2006-2008) Toronto Research Chemicals
Fuyong Cheng (2008-2010) National Research Council
Xin Pang (2011-2012) CANMET
Kirill Skupov (2010-2013) Nesmeyanov Institute of Organoelement Compounds of Russian Academy of Sciences (INEOS RAS)
Ryan Chadwick (2015) McMaster Medical School
Ayyagari Subrahmanyam (2013-2016)
Nicole Rice (2015-2016) Postdoctoral Fellow (University of Ottawa, Chemical and Biological Engineering)
Undergraduate Students
Erin Marchington (2002) Policy Advisor at Environment Canada
Lara Tran (2003) Pharmacist
Kant Sivasubramaniam (2004) Toronto Research Chemicals (MSc U of Alberta)
Stephanie Gratton (2005) Merck - Senior Research Chemist (PhD UNC)
Brett VanVeller (2006) U of Iowa (Professor, PhD MIT)
Amanda Fawcett (2007) Covalent Technologies (PhD McMaster)
Jason Zhu (2008) Physician
Alison Stewart (2009) Research Scientist, Allarta Life Sciences
Aaron Strong (2010) Simon Fraser University (MSc)
Dominica Wong (2011) Eastman Chemical (PhD UNC)
Sara Stonehouse (2012)
Sophie Liogier (2012) ENSCCF
Callisto MacIsaac (2013) Stanford University (PhD studies)
Brian Coleman (2013) NRC (Research Officer)
Philip Lim (2014, 2015)
Scott Laengert (2014, 2015) McMaster (pursuing grad studies)
Leonora Abdullahu (2015) McGill University (pursuing graduate studies)
Mackenzie Richardson (2013-2015)
Sara Stonehouse (2012)
Victoria Marando (2015-2018) MIT (pursuing graduate studies)
Alan Mo (2017) McMaster (continuing undergrad studies)
Jason Yeung (2017) McMaster (continuing undergrad studies)
Julia Pantaleo (2018) Teacher’s College
Grace Andrews (2018) University of Bristol (continuing MSc studies)
Hanna Traeger (2017) Grad Studies (in Germany)
Maria Denk (2018) McMaster (continuing undergrad studies)
Naomi Wong (2018) McMaster (continuing undergrad studies)
Giancarlo Da Ré McMaster University (continuing undergrad studies)
Alice Lang McMaster University (continuing undergrad studies)
Jason Yeung University of Toronto - Graduate Studies\
Aidan Torrens McMaster University (continuing undergrad studies)
Mina Stefanovic McMaster University (continuing undergrad studies)
Ava Ettehadolhagh McMaster University (continuing undergrad studies)
Huaming Li (2006) Professor, Xiangtan University (China)
Robert Potzsch (2008) Institut für Polymerforschung Dresden (Germany)
Tim Woltinge (2008) Radboud University Neijmegen (Netherlands)
Serkan Demirci (2014) Amasya University (Turkey)
Xirali Mamtimin (2017) Xinjiang University, Professor