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Chemical biology, by its nature, is interdisciplinary. Our tools range from molecular biology to computational chemistry. Trainees can expect to be involved in protein expression and purification, enzyme kinetics and inhibition measurements, KIE measurements, organic synthesis (enzymatic and traditional), chromatography (HPLC, FPLC), NMR (protein and small molecule), mass spectrometry, and quantum chemical calculations. The underlying theme is understanding enzyme catalytic mechanisms in atomic detail. Graduates from this lab leave with a wide range of experimental and theoretical experience.


There are currently graduate positions available in:

Imaging infections

Transition state analysis

Enzyme mechanisms and inhibition

Please contact me by e-mail if you are interested in these positions. Please include a CV and unofficial, electronic copy of your transcripts. Students can apply through the Chemical Biology, Chemistry, or Biochemistry graduate programs.

Undergraduate - Summer, Thesis

Level II - IV students in the Chemical Biology, Biochemistry, and Chemistry honours programs (or the corresponding Arts & Science or iSci specializations) should contact me by e-mail regarding potential summer or 4th year thesis positions. Please include a CV and unofficial, electronic copy of your transcripts. Unfortunately, given the large number of students in these programs, I cannot accept students from other programs.

Post-doctoral fellows

Candidates with a PhD in a relevant field (Enzymology, Biological or Physical Organic Chemistry) are invited to contact me directly by e-mail regarding potential post-doctoral positions. Please include an up-to-date CV.