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AroA TSTransition state analysis

Enzymes function by stabilizing transition states (TSs), so a deep understanding of catalysis requires understanding their TSs. TSs exist for ~100 fs, and their concentrations are effectively zero, which makes studying them extremely challenging. We use kinetic isotope effects to determine TS structures. Learn more here.

Enzyme mechanisms and inhibition

NeuB inhibitorOver 300 drugs used in the clinic are enzyme inhibitors, being used to treat everything from hypertension, to cancer, to AIDS. We develop inhibitors against bacterial enzymes as lead compounds for antibiotic development. Learn more here.

Imaging infections

Each year ~40,000 Canadians are admitted to hospital with undiagnosable fevers. When a cause is eventually found, it is most commonly bacterial infection, but diagnosis can take months, and is extremely difficult. We are working on developing molecular imaging probes to detect hidden bacteria infections. Learn more here.

  Credit: Rocky Mountain Laboratories, NIAID, NIH