Previous courses 
Undergraduate Courses
Introductory Chemistry (CHEM 1A03)
An introduction to atomic & molecular structure, chemical reactivity and
thermodynamics. A laboratory provides experience in experimental techniques
and accurate measurement. Themes of energy, environment and health
highlighted to illustrate relation of fundamental chemical principles to society.
Laboratory Inquiry (CHEM 3L13)
An inquiry-based laboratory course in modern chemical research comprising
individual, group and class projects. Students are directly involved with literature
search, hypothesis testing, experimental design, data interpretation and oral
communication of their work involving emerging aspects of green chemistry,
chiroscience and chemical biology.
Graduate Courses
Separation Science (CHEM 708)

Key graduate module course in analytical chemistry. Topics include separation
theory, recent developments in hyphenated and multidimensional
chromatography and electrophoresis, microfluidics and new developments for
metabolomics research.

Chemometrics (CHEM 711)

Key graduate module course in multivariate analysis and data interpretation.
Topics include advanced regression analysis, experimental design, principal
component analysis and partial least squares regression for convoluted data sets.

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