C&CB Seminar - Dr. Brian Amsden, Queens University in Kingston



TITLE:             Aliphaticpolycarbonate-based biomaterials: from elastic hydrogels to viscous liquids. 

Date:                 Wednesday, January 22,2020 

Time:                 1:30p.m.  

Place:                ABB163 

Host:               Dr. Harald Stover 

ABSTRACT:      Aliphatic polycarbonates feature low cytotoxicity, a low glass transitiontemperature, and elasticity. These polymers are readily synthesized throughring-opening polymerization of cyclic carbonates, such as trimethylenecarbonate, using a variety of biologically benign catalysts. They are alsohydrolysis resistant and degrade in a molecular weight dependent manner throughthe action of reactive oxygen species and enzymes secreted by activatedmacrophages. This combination of properties makes them potentially useful forcreating a variety of polymer biomaterials, ranging from elastic and resilienthydrogels to viscous liquids. In this presentation, a demonstration of theutility of these materials will be provided, focusing on copolymers designed asscaffolding materials for soft connective tissue regeneration and as vehiclesfor the delivery of cells and acid-sensitive drugs.

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