Emslie Group - SOPs and Useful Handouts
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Note: all SOPs on this page are password protected, since they are only intended for use in the Emslie lab, and may not be suitable in other research environments
(where for example vacuum line and glove box argon and organic solvents may not be set up or purified to ensure the same very low levels of oxygen and moisture).

Safety Agreement:

Safety Agreement for members of the Emslie lab


(1) General Lab Procedures
(2) Chemical Inventory
(3) Cleaning of Lab Glassware and Labware
(4) Cryogens and Cold Baths
(5) Fume Hoods
(6) Gas Cylinder, Regulator and Gas Line Use
(7) Glove Boxes
(8) Heat Sources (>100 oC) in the Laboratory
(9) Highly Toxic Compounds
(10) Potentially Explosive Compounds
(11) Pyrophoric Compounds
(12) Solvent Stills
(13) Solvent Vacuum Storage Flasks
(14) Sure-Seal Bottles
(15) Vacuum Lines
(16) Th and U Compounds (if you are working with these)

Radiation, Thorium and Uranium handout:

Radiation, Thorium and Uranium General Information Handout

Techniques Handouts:

X-Ray crystallography (qualitative basics)

NMR spectroscopy (with a focus on multinuclear NMR)

Raman spectroscopy (qualitative basics)

Electrochemistry Handout #1 (CV and DPV for synthetic chemists)

Electrochemistry Handout #2 (additional information)