An Introduction to the Electronic Structure of Atoms and Molecules

Dr. Richard F.W. Bader
Professor of Chemistry / McMaster University / Hamilton, Ontario

1.  The Nature of the Problem
2.  The New Physics
3.  The Hydrogen Atom
4.  Many-Electron Atoms
5. Electronic Basis for the Properties of the Elements
  Horizontal Variations
  Vertical Relationships
  Some Chemical Implications
6.  The Chemical Bond
7.  Ionic and Covalent Binding
8.  Molecular Orbitals
Table of Contour Values

Electronic Basis for the Properties of the Elements

    We shall now present an interpretation of the physical and chemical properties of the elements based on the atomic orbital description of their electronic structures. Our discussion of the properties of the atoms will be a qualitative one, but it should be pointed out that many of the properties of atoms can now be accurately predicted by quantum mechanical calculations employing a very extended version of the atomic orbital concept.