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Supervisory Committee

Every chemistry graduate student has a supervisory committee that determines the validity of the proposed research and course work and monitors the student's progress. Committees are appointed by the Department on the recommendation of the student's research supervisor.

M.Sc. Students: The committee consists of the student's supervisor plus one faculty member from within the Department. The committee must be appointed and have a meeting 12 months after the student's registration in the M.Sc. program. Written reports of the meeting must be submitted promptly to the Department.
Ph.D. Students: The committee consists of the student's supervisor and two other faculty members, usually (but not necessarily) from within the Department. Additional members may be added at the discretion of the Department. The committee is to be appointed at the time the student enters the program. The supervisory committee of a Ph.D. student must meet at least once a year. It is the joint responsibility of the student and the supervisor to see that regular supervisory committee meetings are held by August 31st and that written reports of each meeting are submitted promptly to the Department right after the meeting.

Note that graduate students are responsible for reporting cases of inadequate supervision to the Associate Chair in a timely fashion.

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