All first-year Science courses will be delivered virtually for Winter 2021. Due to the COVID-19 provincial lock-down, all students who were expecting in-person labs, should check their McMaster e-mail for important winter announcements..

Prospective Students

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The choice of which graduate program is a personal sum of many different factors. Beyond the specific project to be undertaken and the relationship with your supervisor, there’s compatibility with the research group and department. The Department of Chemistry & Chemical Biology provides wide-reaching opportunities for research in virtually all branches of chemistry, and a highly supportive and collegial research atmosphere. Students are given the opportunity to learn, first hand, how to use advanced characterization equipment within our facilities, providing invaluable training for future careers.

Beyond the Department, Hamilton is a great place to start your academic journey.

Our Campus and Cootes Paradise Marsh

McMaster sits beside Cootes Paradise Nature Santuary with its ample hiking trails. The sanctuary, including Cootes Paradise March, is owned and managed by the Royal Botanical Gardens, the largest botanical garden in Canada. 

Hamilton + McMaster

Hamilton is experiencing a renaissance, growing from its industrial past to a high tech future. McMaster Innovation Park plays a key role hosting start-up companies and incubator space for entrepreneurs. The University is actively working with the City and local community to support this renaissance offering students great opportunity.

A Great Place to Live

Hamilton is a great place to live, with numerous walking, hiking, running and biking trails throughout the city. The Niagara Escarpment, aka “the Mountain”, is surrounded by parkland and boasts dozens of waterfalls and hiking trails. The Royal Botanical Gardens is a world-class botanical centre, with its own numerous gardens and hiking trails. 

Located Nearby

Located half-way between Niagara Falls and Toronto, Hamilton has easy access to both. The Niagara area contains picturesque towns such as Niagara-on-the-Lake and Niagara Falls. It’s Canada’s premier wine-making region, with numerous well-known wineries and a growing craft brew community. Toronto is Canada’s largest city, providing outstanding night-life that includes clubs, theatre, shopping, cultural events, sports, etc.

International Access

Hamilton has easy access to three airports including Pearson International Airport, Canada’s largest with flights to practically anywhere in the world.

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