How to Place a Work Order or Request Service from Physical Plant



Be safe and take responsibility for your work area!  If you believe your hood is not drawing properly; if the sink drain is leaking or an outlet doesn’t work; please do one of the following:


  1. Call the Physical Plant Service Desk at extension 24740.  Your call will be logged and the appropriate tradesman will be sent to fix the problem.
  2. Place a Work Order On-line at


If you choose option #2 (recommended) you will be sent a confirmation of the work order to your email address and a Work Request number that you can reference when checking the status of your Work Order.


If the problem is building related – meaning electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation/exhaust and or lab furniture related – the cost is covered by Physical Plant and you can enter 0000000000 in the “Account No.” box.  If it’s something you want added to the lab or engineered specially for you, you’ll have to put in your account number – an estimate of cost can be requested.


Please try to make a separate work order for electrical, plumbing, heating/cooling, and carpentry as they are sent to different trades.  Also be as specific as possible when requesting service, eg.: Fume hood FH-113-1 at the east end of ABB113 is in alarm "low flow".