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TEXT HEADER Health and Safety

The current members of the Chemistry Department's Health & Safety Committee for 2009 are:

Kalai Saravanamuttu (co-chair)
Leah Allan (co-chair)
Faculty Reps:
Adam Hitchcock
Hans Terlouw
Gary Schrobilgen
Emeritus Rep:
R.A. Bell
Staff Reps:
Steve Kornic
Trisha Martin
Nicki Robinson
Student Rep:
James Dzandzi
Phil Elder
Svetlana Kostina
Karen Lam
Yiming Patiguli

Members of the Chemistry Department, trained in 1st Aid are:

Leah Allan
Jim Britten
Gina Dimopolous (on leave)
Kirk Green
Steve Kornic
Nicki Robinson

Want information on EVERYTHING? Click here: Eng. Phys Safety pages
A fabulous website for Health & Safety Info!
McMaster Health and Safety Policies
Mandatory Training Requirements
As specified by the Dean of Science
Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's) for Set-up and use of Stills:
Useful procedures you may wish to adopt in your lab or modify for your purposes.
Is the fume hood sash broken? Is water dripping on the floor?
Learn how to place a work order!
Grounding and Bonding Solvent Drums
Many researchers use solvent drums and dispense into smaller vessles. Click the link above to learn more about proper grounding and bonding
Working with HF? It is mandatory that you attend the HF training course and have an emergency HF kit in your lab.

In the News:
An assault in a Chemistry lab in Ottawa occurred over the Labour Day Weekend - Please make sure you enter the building safely after hours, inform Security of your presence and lock the door behind you!

A fire occurred in a lab in Ohio State University - hexane was the solvent involved - as it was in our last lab fire. Be aware - this could happen to you! Please work safely and follow proper handling/storage/waste procedures.

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