McMaster Chemistry Graduate Student Society


The MCGSS acts as a voice for graduate student needs, organizes academic and social events, and is involved in departmental matters. As a grad student, you are always welcome to approach us with any questions, concerns or suggestions at any time and we hope that you will participate in the many events we host throughout the year. Please feel free to contact us with any queries you may have regarding student life.

If you are looking for the McMaster Chemistry Department website, you can find it here.

For MCGSS events, there is a MCGSS Facebook page and MCGSS Google Calendar.

Note that the Calendar is now open for edit by anyone. If a user wants a special account, say, for example, one of the chemistry sports teams, drop me an email and it can be arranged.

The MCGSS Squash Box League league tables can be accessed through this link.

*Disclaimer: This website is currently in a Beta stage, not all features are guaranteed to work.


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