Whoever works in the Melacini lab must comply with all safety guidelines of McMaster University, of our Chemistry Department and of our Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences Department. Please make you check carefully the links in the previous sentence.

Everybody working in the Melacini lab MUST complete the following mandatory safety trainings:

(a) Fire safety training: be sure to attend the session specific of the Chemistry Department because the fire safety training for the Biochemistry (Health Science) building is different. Information about the fire training schedule is available here

(b) WHMIS: WHMIS stands for Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System. Information for this very important training is available here

(c) Biosafety: Available online through the Biosafety Office (in HSC building Rm 1J11A).

(d) Autoclave: Please ask Dr. Melacini

(e) Gas cylinder training: Available through EOHSS

(f) Chemistry Departmental Orientation Talk: Coordinated by chem. grad students (please inquire at the main chem. office)

(g) NMR safety and initial training: The first step is to sign up with the staff of the NMR facility for some basic NMR training: sign up outside ABB-362 with the NMR Staff for the initial training at the 200 MHz. During this training safety aspects of NMR will be discussed. 

(h) Mask training and fit testing: This is important if you have to handle volatile or easily air moved fluffy materials outside the hood (i.e. weighing of lyophilized peptide powders). Training is avaliable through the FHS safety office. (in HSC building Rm 1J11A). 

Jane in the Chemistry main office should also have a form with a list of safety trainings that you are required to attend. 

Please also note that the fire, the WHIMS, the biosafety and the mask safety trainings must ALL be updated annually. You must also keep an updated safety training log file.

Always check the material safety data sheet (MSDS) for the products you work with and always wear all required protective lab equipment and clothing!

In case of EMERGENCY, call the University Emergency Phone Line 88 and contact Dr. Melacini (office: ext. 26959). Dr. Melacini home phone number is available in the lab. Further details for the emergency procedure can be found here

For SECURITYdial: 0. 

Please contact Dr. Melacini for further information about the safety in our lab.