Yurij Mozharivskyj

Current Group

From left to right: Zhigang Zheng (visiting professor), Masoud Aminzare (M.Sc.), Marc Muise (thesis student), Timothy Lo (M.Sc.), Allan He (M.Sc.), Benson Shu Ip (research assistant), Fang Yuan (Ph.D), Yanhua Li (visiting professor) and Yurij Mozharivskyj

Who is doing what:

Allan He and Fang Yuan are trying to prepare the "best" magnetocaloric materials.

Masoud Aminzare, Marc Muise, and Timothy Loand are searching for a "highly-efficient" thermoelectric material.

Benson Shu Ip is synthesizing inorganic phosphors for temperature sensors.

Group News

March 2017:

  • Dr. Fang Yuan successfully defended her Ph.D. thesis.

Dec. 2016:

  • Benson Shu Ip accepted position at Apotex.

Sept. 2016:

  • Timothy Lo joined the group as a M.Sc. student.
  • Marc Muise joined the group as a thesis student.
  • Dr. Scott Forbes joined the group of Prof. R. Cava at Princeton University as a postdoc.

May 2016:

  • Sean Grixti, Timothy Lo, Aaron Insanalli and Kevin Wyszatko graduated with Honours B.Sc. degrees.

Sept. 2015:

  • Allan He joined the group as a M.Sc. student.
  • Dr. Scott Forbes successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis.

June 2015:

  • Fang Yuan was awarded a McMaster International Excellence Award.
  • Fang Yuan and Scott Forbes won Departmental Travel Awards.

May 2015:

  • Sean Grixti, Timothy Lo and Aaron Insanalli joined the group as summer undergraduate research students. They will stay in the group as thesis students during Sept. 2015-March 2016.

April 2015:

  • Allan He and Violet Connelly successfully completed their thesis courses.

May 2014:

  • Scott Forbess was awarded an Ontario Graduate Scholarship.

Dec. 2013:

  • Fang Yuan transferred to the Ph.D. program.

Sept. 2013:

  • Chivarubhen Raiju Murugaanandan joined the group as a M.Sc. student.

April 2013:

  • Dr. Peng Wang successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis. He is starting a postdoctoral appointment with Dr. M. Kanatzidis at Northwestern University, USA, in June, 2013.
  • Chivarubhen Raiju Murugaanandan (thesis student) and Laura Ogilvie (thesis student) graduated with Honours B.Sc. degrees.

Nov. 2012:

  • Dr. Jinlei Yao accepted an Assitant Professor position at Suzhou University of Science and Technology, Suzhou, China.

Sept. 2012:

  • Fang Yuan (M.Sc.) and Mehdi Esmaeli (Ph.D.) joined the group.
  • Janice Cheung successfully defended her M.Sc. thesis. Janice works as a quaility control specialist for the Apotex in Toronto.

Group Pictures from Previous Years

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Former Group Members







Undergraduate students:

Timothy Lo (2015-2016)

Aaron Insanalli (2015-2016)

Sean Grixti (2015-2016)

Kevin Wyszatko (2015-2016)

Allan He (2014-2015)

Violet Connelly (2014-2015)

Shu (Benson) Ip (2013-2015)

Alphonsus Ballesteros (2013-2014)

Rubhen Raiju Murugaanandan (2012-2013)

Laura Ogilvie (2012-2013)

Joseph Barbosa (2012)

Lexa Graham (2011-2012)

Joseph Gabriel (2010-2011)

Tyler Russell (2010-2011)

Maria Diaz Lopez (2010-2011)

Scott Forbes (2009-2010)

Janice Cheung (2008-2010)

Peng Wang (2007-2008)

Fan Fei (2007-2008)

Faraz Ahmadpour (2006-2007)

Himanshu Shekhar (2006)

Navid Kherzi (2006)




Graduate students:

Scott Forbess (M.Sc. and Ph.D. 2010-2015)

Mehdi Esmaeli (M.Sc. 2012-2014)

Peng Wang (M.Sc. and Ph.D. 2008-2013)

Janice Cheung (M.Sc. 2010-2012)

Volodymyr Svitlyk (Ph.D. 2006-2010)

Giselle Couto (Ph.D. 2009-2010)

Pavlo Lyutyy (Ph.D. 2008)


Postdoctoral Fellows:

Dr. Scott Forbess (2015-2016)

Dr. Mirela Dragomit (2014-2015)

Dr. Jinlei Yao (2010-2012)

Dr. Volodymyr Svitlyk (2010)

Dr. Ashur Aushana (2007-2008)


Research Assistants:

Benson Shu Ip (2016)


Visiting Scientists:

Dr. Yanhua Li (2016)




Potential Graduate Students

Positions available

There are positions for graduate students with interest and background in solid state chemistry


How to apply