Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Work

Our display board (outside of the chemistry office in ABB) is lacking. So, this year, we want to use the bulletin board to showcase the presence of our undergraduate Chemistry and Chemical Biology students in the workplace. This will be a great opportunity to demonstrate the diverse range of opportunities that Chemistry and Chemical Biology program offers, and just where the science happens in real life.

We are asking for those of you who are currently working in a lab, to get group photo or action shot while you're wearing some form of Mac Chem/ChemBio clothing or hold up something creative so you can be identified! If there's more than one person working in the same lab, please send one group photo.

E-mail us this picture along with the following information: your name, program, year, PI/supervisor, PI/ supervisor's field of study, and place of work.

Once we get enough pictures, we'll use them to put a display showcasing all the chemistry and chemical biology students at work.