The Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology (C&CB) is currently looking for a Laboratory Manager

C&CB has historically operated its research program within the Arthur Bourns Building (ABB) as stand-alone spaces that are the responsibility of a single principle investigator (PI).  Ongoing renovations to ABB research space will create new large open-concept research labs that will be shared among multiple research groups and across two faculties (Science & Engineering).  One motivation behind these new labs is to encourage inter-disciplinary research.  Another motivation is to provide more flexibility to allocate space, in accordance with the evolving needs of research teams, proportional to group size and operating funding.  This is a major change in the way research teams are expected to interact with each other on a daily basis.

Job Summary

The lab manager plays a critical role in facilitating student orientation and training, implementing SOP’s, allocating space, maintaining shared infrastructure and assisting PI’s with strategic planning related to research space and grant applications.


  • Strategic Planning
    • The laboratory manager participates in strategic planning and initiates procedures and policies in each open-concept lab.  In collaboration with the PI’s, the lab manager develops and implements short-term and long-term plans to ensure effective and efficient use of laboratory equipment and resources.  The lab manager also participates in public-relations activities on behalf of the integrated labs.
  • Human Resources Management
    • The lab manager is directly responsible for the human resources planning and administration through direct supervision of the research staff in the lab (students, PDF’s, RA’s) in collaboration with their research advisors, in the CCB Research Wing & Innovation Tower, and provision of guidance to other areas in the reporting area.  The lab manager is also directly responsible for the human resources planning and administration through direct supervision of the technical staff in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology undergraduate laboratories (Undergrad Laboratory Assistants on floors 1-4) and provision of guidance to others in the reporting area.
  • Health & Safety
    • The lab manager is responsible for maintaining a safe work environment in the integrated labs.  They are responsible for delivery of safety training applicable to the shared lab space, review of laboratory safety reports and recommendations for best practices with regards to health and safety, including the delivery of training and instructions on health and safety matters.  The lab manager also maintains records of SOP’s for each research team and ensures that students have received appropriate Health and Safety & SOP training from their supervisor prior to being granted access to the labs.
  • Physical Resources Management
    • The lab manager reviews objectives and makes recommendations for efficient utilization of ABB research space in the Innovation Tower, Research Wing & Annex, including the teaching laboratories of the Department of Chemistry & Chemical 
    • Biology.  The lab manager maintains laboratory space inventory and interacts with other departments for required services to the building such as renovations, security, emergency responses, etc., all while ensuring compliance with university and government regulations.
    • The lab manager will assist and provide advice as needed to faculty and technical staff in the acquisition of equipment.  The lab manager will have primary responsibility for interactions with internal university units (e.g. Facility Services, EOHSS) and external suppliers and service providers (e.g. equipment vendors) in the course of regular support, acquisition and special projects
  • ​Technical and Project Management
    • In the reporting role to CCB, the lab manager is responsible for working with PI’s in developing new industrial contacts, maintaining existing industrial contacts and providing potential clients with tours of the facilities.  The lab manager instructs technical staff and students on laboratory procedures and instrument and equipment usage as needed and determines what type of additional training is necessary (i.e. courses, workshops, seminars).


Education: MSc in Chemistry or a closely related discipline

Experience: 5-8 years of managerial experience in a research laboratory setting


  • Experience with advanced research infrastructure including fume hoods, glove boxes, vacuum-lines, air-sensitive chemistry, analytical instrumentation and chemical biology, biological safety cabinets
  • Design and implementation of SOP’s
  • Experience with implementing research programs including setting deliverables and milestones in interdisciplinary research programs

Applications for this limited term position will be accepted until June 13, 2018. Please apply through the Career Opportunities tab on Mosaic.

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