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CCB Department Members

For CCB Research Labs in ABB and ABB Annex:

  • To complete/update your safety training refer to Safety Training Listing
  • Grad students: to request a Working@Mac access card contact Chemistry programs – Adriana Brook at or Chemical Biology programs – Tammy Feher at
  • PDFs, RAs, staff, Faculty: to request a Working@Mac access card contact Tanja Petrovic at
  • To request a white non-personalized access card send an email to Sarra Saiyed at and pick it up from the CCB main office in ABB-156.  
  • Access requests ONLY for research labs in ABB/ABB annex: once an access card is received please submit a Lab Keycard Access Request Form (McMaster's email/credentials must be used).
  • If you already have an access card please submit a Lab Keycard Access Request Form (McMaster's email/credentials must be used).
  • Any issues with the form send an email to Dr. Darko Ljubic at
Chem Eng Department Members

For Chem Eng Research Labs in ABB and ABB Annex:

  • Both CCB and Chem Eng - If you have lost a Working@McMaster access card, you must report this to McMaster Security at 905-525-9140, x24281, or 905-522-4135. After a lost card is reported request a card replacement at When you receive a replacement Working@McMaster access Card submit a Lab Keycard Access Request Form by choosing the second option in question 1 of the form.
  • If you have lost a white non-personalized access card:


  • The lab supervisor must send an email to Dr. Darko Ljubic ( and indicate a new expiry date of the access.


  1. CCB Department members working in buildings/labs other than ABB can request/obtain Working@Mac and white non-personalized access cards through the Department (see above the first paragraph) but to activate your card please contact a designated person for that building/facility (see Contacts List beloe).
  2. Regardless of department, everyone is encouraged to check our Contacts List should they need access to labs outside ABB and ABB Core Facilities. Please note that the list is not comprehensive and it serves as a starting point to request access to those facilities and labs.  
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