McMaster Analytical X-Ray Diffraction Facility (MAX)

The McMaster Analytical X-ray Diffraction Facility (MAX) is a service, research, and teaching laboratory operated by the Department of Chemistry & Chemical Biology and the Brockhouse Institute for Materials Research. We support Science and Engineering research at McMaster University, as well as train students in the theory and practice of X-ray diffraction.

We also provide fee for service characterization of chemicals and materials for external clients from industry and from other universities.

Download single crystal sample submission form.

Download materials sample submission form.


Facility Staff – X-ray Diffraction

Department of Chemistry & Chemical Biology | McMaster University has 2 registered members
Jim Britten
Ph.D. - X-Ray Manager
Email: ...
Victoria Jarvis
M.A.Sc. - Research Engineer
Email: ...



Voice (905) 525-9140, 23481
FAX (905) 522-2509

Mailing Address:
MAX Diffraction Facility
Department of Chemistry
McMaster University
1280 Main St. W. Hamilton, Ont., Canada
L8S 4M1

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