McMaster Analysis and Characterization Services

The Department of Chemistry & Chemical Biology proudly hosts three research instrument facilities within our McMaster Analysis and Characterization Services group: the McMaster Regional Centre for Mass Spectrometry, the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility and the McMaster Analytical X-Ray Diffraction Facility. Together, these facilities offer unparalleled service to both internal and external research clients. The combination of state-of-the-art equipment and experienced, professional personnel, along with compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), allows instrument facilites staff to work closely with clients to solve unique problems and provide unrivaled service.

In January 2015, our Department’s NMR and mass spectrometry facilities were awarded the Health Canada Drug Establishment License for GMP testing of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), something that no other academic laboratory in North America has accomplished.

Dr. William Leigh
Director (MACS)


McMaster Analysis & Characterization Services (MACS)

We’re a professional team of scientists who can solve your most challenging analysis problems. State-of-the-art instruments, dedicated people with diverse backgrounds, a quality management system for GMP and meticulous attention to detail...

McMaster Regional Centre for Mass Spectroscopy (MRCMS)

We provide mass spectrometric service by analyzing approximately 4000 individual samples per year for many clients within the McMaster community and for various external institutions...

McMaster Analytical X-Ray Diffraction Facility (MAX)

We specialize in research, theory and practice of X-ray diffraction and provide fee-for-service characterization of chemicals and materials for external clients from industry and from other universities.

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility (NMR)

The Facility is highly regarded in the Canadian chemical community for its versatility in the types of samples as well as the number of nuclei that can be studied by solution and solid state NMR.