Welcome to the Brook Group

Silicon-derived polymers, including silicones and silica, are technologically important materials used widely in commerce. However, most current synthetic routes provide little control over the types of silicones formed or, therefore, their behavior. Our research focuses on the development of improved syntheses of explicit silicones that will expand the availability of well-defined interfaces. The materials we prepare are examined for their surface properties in particular in biomaterials applications including ophthalmic materials.

UC SealMcMaster University
Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology

2019-21 Faculty of Science Chair in Sustainable Silicone Polymers

2017 Winner of Macromolecular Engineering and Science Award

2016 Winner of the Frederic Stanley Kipping Award in Silicon Chemistry


Two Postdoctoral Fellowships - Available Immediately


The Brook group focuses on the development of silicone polymer-based technologies for a variety of applications.  We have two positions currently available, both funded by European companies. The projects involve synthesizing silicone monomers that contain organic residues which convey appropriate properties to the final silicone polymer; the successful applicants will also prepare  silicone polymers from the monomers.  Demonstrated expertise in organic synthesis is a requirement of the position, including working with various metal-catalyzed processes, working with air sensitive compounds, etc.; experience in polymers and/or polymerization would be beneficial.  The successful applicant will be able to purify (column chromatography, HPLC, GPC) and characterize their products using 1H NMR, 13C NMR, 29Si NMR, IR, and interpret mass spectrometry.  Expertise in physical characterization, including surface chemistry, mechanical properties of polymer would be an asset.


All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply; however, Canadian citizens and permanent residents will be given priority.