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7a.    Michael A. Brook, Yongxin Wang, and Yang Chen, Surface-Modifying Silicone Elastomers, US Patent 8,648,211 (to McMaster University), Feb. 11, 2014.

7b    Michael A. Brook, Yongxin Wang, and Yang Chen, Surface-Modifying Silicone Elastomers, Canadian Patent 2,772,309 (to McMaster University), Feb. 11, 2014, filed Aug. 27, 2008.

6a.    Brook, M.A., Gonzaga, F., Tian, H.; Ketelson, H. Chelating silicon-based polymers, US Patent 8,168,741 (to McMaster University and Alcon Laboratories), May 1, 2012 (filed Aug. 2, 2006).

6b.  Brook, M.A., Gonzaga, F., Tian, H.; Ketelson, H. Chelating silicon-based polymers, Canadian Patent, 2617814 (to McMaster University and Alcon Laboratories), Issued June 10, 2014, filed Aug. 2, 2006.

5.    Dong, H.; Brook, M.A.; Brennan, J.D. Methods for Forming Macroporous Monolithic Methylsilsesquioxanes. US Patent 7,582,214, Sept. 1, 2009 (filed June 20, 2006).

4.    Brook, M.A.; Brennan, J.D.; Chen, Y. Polyol-Modified Silanes as Precursors for Silica, European patent EP1509533B1 (to McMaster University), Oct. 21, 2009.

3.    Zheng Zhang, Yang Chen, Jorge Cruz-Aguado, Richard J. Hodgson, Dina Tleugabulova, John D. Brennan, Michael A. Brook, Protein Compatible Methods and Compounds for Controlling the Morphology and Shrinkage of Silica Derived from Polyol-Modified Silanes, US Patent 7,375,168 (to McMaster University) May 20, 2008, filed 2004-04-01, Continuation in Part, 10/814,123, US 7,375,168.

2a.    Stan, R. S.; Brook, M. A. Chelating silicone polymers, US Patent 6,566,322 (to McMaster University), filed May 26, 2000; issued May 20, 2003.

2b.    Stan, R. S.; Brook, M. A. Chelating silicone polymers, Canadian Patent 2,309,486 (to McMaster University), Issued April 27, 2010, filed May 26, 2000 (Canadian version of 6,566,322).

1.    McDermott, M. R., Brook, M. A., Heritage, P. L., Underdown, B. J., Loomes, L. M., Jiang, J., Microparticle delivery system with a functionalized silicone bonded to the matrix (to McMaster University), US Patent 5,571,531, Nov. 5, 1996.


3.    Yang Chen and Michael A. Brook, Silicone co-polymers and methods of use thereof to modify the surface of silicone elastomers by physical adsorption (to McMaster University), PCT, Filed, Canada, 2014-06-06, PCT/CA2014/050526,

2.    Prasse, Marko; Brook, Michael A.; Scheim, Uwe; Chen, Yang, Vernetzbare Massen auf der Basis von Organosiliciumverbindungen (Cross-linkable compositions based on organosilicon compounds), Application WO 2013/127774, PCT/EP2013/053790 filed March 1, 2013 (to Wacker Chemie AG).

1.    Scheim, Uwe; Brook, Michael A.; Chen, Yang, Organosiliciumverbindungen und deren Verwendung zur herstellung von Hydrophilen Oberflachen (Organosilicon compounds and their use for producing hydrophilic surfaces), Application WO 2013/127771, PCT/EP2013/053786PCT Application filed March 1, 2013 (to Wacker Chemie AG).


1  Ayodele Fatona, Yang Chen, Michael A. Brook and Jose Moran-Mirabal, One-step fabrication of functional structured surfaces for microfluidic applications, United States Provisional patent 62/033,159, filed August 5, 2014.


18.    Michael A. Brook and Jianfeng Zhang, Reductive Degradation of Lignin, US Provisional Patent Application 61/990,152, McMaster University, filed May 8, 2014.

17.     Michael A. Brook, Vinodh Rajendra, Clémence Sicard, John D. Brennan, Creating hydrophobic siloxane films of various porosities on porous and non-porous substrates, US Provisional Patent Application 61/977,789, McMaster University, filed April 10, 2013, expired.

16.    M. A. Brook, D. Basker, C. Bacus, M. Sweetman, A. Hudson, D. Chen, K. Saravanamuttu, Microstructured light harvesting waveguide arrays, US provisional patent application 61/889,097 filed Oct. 21, 2013, expired.

15.     K. Saravanamuttu, M. A. Brook, I. B. Burgess and M. R. Ponte, Spontaneous recognition, alignment and interconnection between extremely large populations of antiparallel self-trapped light beams and waveguides, US Provisional patent application 61/771,418, filed March 1, 2013, expired.

14.    Prasse, Marko; Brook, Michael A.; Scheim, Uwe; Chen, Yang, Formkorper mit Hydrophilen Oberflachen (Moldings with hydrophilic surfaces) German Patent Application No. 102012203271.1 European Patent Office file PCT EP2013/053787 March 1, 2013 (to Wacker Chemie AG), abandoned.

13.    Michael A. Brook and Laura Dodge, Boronic acid-modified silicones, US Provisional Application 61/683,411 to McMaster University, filed Aug. 14, 2012, expired.

12.    Michael A. Brook, Na Li, Yang Chen and Marlena Whinton, Elastomeric, bicontinuous silicone hydrogels, US Provisional Application 61/670,350 to McMaster University, filed July 11, 2012, expired.

11.    Michael A. Brook, Yingfu Li, Weian Zhao, William Chiuman, Ferdinand Gonzaga. Nucleotide-capped gold nanoparticles and non-crosslinking aggregation-based gold nanoparticle biosensors. B&P File No. 3244-161 United States Provisional 2007, expired.

10.     Yang Chen, Yunyu Yi, John D. Brennan, Michael A. Brook Methods and compounds for forming monolithic titania, optionally biomolecule doped, with controlled morphology using biocompatible sol-gel processes, United States Provisional 60/826662, 2007, expired.

9.    Gilbert Yu, Ferdinand Gonzaga, and Michael A. Brook, Preparation of Organosilicon-Containing Triazoles, U.S. Pat. Application Publ. US 20110077365 A1 20110331 filed, Sept. 29, 2008, published 2011.  Abandoned.

8.        Sheardown, H.; Brook, M. A.; Chen, H. Biocompatible Silicone and Methods of Preparation, US Provisional Patent Application, PCT/CA2005/000739

7.         Michael A. Brook, John D. Brennan, Robert Pelton, Rebecca Voss and Lucy Ye, Biomolecule Compatible Silica Particles, PCT Filing Nov. 26, 2007.

6.        Besanger, T.R.; Hodgson, R.J.; Brook, M.A.; Brennan, J.D. Methods for Substrate and Inhibitor Screening Using Enzyme-Reactor Chromatography/Tandem Mass Spectrometry.  PCT and US patents filed March 16, 2005.

5.        Brennan, J.D.; Brook, M.A.; Besanger, T.R. Method of Immobilizing Membrane-Associated Molecules.  Continuation in Part to Application 60/426,018, filed April 2, 2004.

4.        Besanger, T.; Brook, M.A.; Brennan, J.D. Method of Immobilizing of Membrane-Bound Proteins.  U.S. Patent Application No. 10/712,015 and PCT Patent application PCT/CA03/01757; filed November 14, 2003.

3.    Sébe, G., Thompson, D. B.; Brook, M. A., Silicone Hydrophobization of Polysaccharides, US Provisional Patent Application (to McMaster University), abandoned. 

2.         Ketelson, H.; Brook, M.A. Cleaning formulation for Optical Surfaces, U.S. patent appl. Ser. No. 60/207,187, 20020039984 Oct. 2000. and PCT appl. PCT/CA01/00742 Nov. 29, 2001.

1.    Howard A. M. Ketelson, Michael A. Brook, and Robert H. Pelton, A Platinum Catalyst, Method of Making and Use of Thereof, US Provisional Patent Application: 60/025,365, Sept. 3, 1996, abandoned.

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