Silicon in Organic, Organometallic and Polymer Chemistry

Michael A. Brook

John Wiley & Sons, New York, 2000. 

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Silicon Book Abbreviated Table of Contents:
Part I: The Fundamentals of Silicon Reactivity: Reactive Intermediates and Reaction Mechanisms: 
Organosilanes: Where to Find Them, What to Call Them, How to Detect Them.  Atomic and Molecular Properties of Silicon. Silicon-Based Reactive Intermediates. Extracoordination at Silicon. Reaction Mechanisms for Nucleophilic Substitution at Silicon. 

Part II: The Formation and Cleavage of Non-Carbon Bonds to Silicon: Applications in Organic and Polymer Chemistry: 
Silicon and Transition Metal Chemistry. Hydrosilanes as Reducing Agents. Replacing H with Si: Silicon-Based Reagents. Silicones. Siloxanes Based on T and Q Units. Other Silicon-Containing Polymers. 

Part III: The Formation and Cleavage of Silicon-Carbon Bonds: Applications in Organic Synthesis: 
Formation of Si-C Bonds: The Synthesis of Functional Organosilanes. Silicon in a Biological Environment. Silicon in the Organic World: Electronic Effects of Silyl Groups. Rearrangements. Cleavage of Si-C Bonds.

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