Mass Spectrometry Group

Lisa Heydorn, Brian McCarry, Cathy Wong, Johan Terlouw, Rashida Pilus,
Nico Nibbering, Gina Dimopoulus, and Graham McGibbon (left to right)

Brian McCarry, Sander Mommers, Johan Terlouw, Nico Nibbering, and Graham McGibbon

Lisa Heydorn, Gina Dimopoulus, Cathy Wong, and Rashida Pilus

Johan Terlouw, Tadek Olech, and Kirk Green
The Micromass MALDI-TOF instrument (TOF-Spec 2E)

Johan Terlouw, Magda Gryckiewicz, Suzanne Ackloo, Anna Trikoupis, and Lisa Heydorn
Infront of the research group's instrument, the VG Analytical ZAB-R

The research group behind the ZAB-R instrument

Kirk Green and Johan Terlouw behind the MALDI-TOF

Kirk Green and Johan Terlouw in front of the Quattro-LC (electrospray)

Kirk Green and Suzanne Ackloo operating the electrospray instrument

Kirk Green and Lisa Heydorn using the soon to be extinct Finnigan EI/CI instrument

Magda Gryckiewicz and Kirk Green in front of the MALDI-TOF. Magda is holding the target sample plate.

Tadek Olech and Kirk Green in front of the Finnigan EI/CI instrument

Cathy Wong and Leah Allan in front of the Quattro.