Honours Sustainable Chemistry (B.A.Sc.) (4 Year Program)

Chemistry is at the heart of the development of many of the beneficial technologies that we take for granted, from improved crop yields to energy-saving light emitting diodes. Increasingly, chemistry in academia and industry is being practiced in a more sustainable way, following the 12 rules Green Chemistry. This means developing processes that are fundamentally more efficient, increasingly using renewable feedstocks, employing water as an environmentally friendly solvent, generating less waste, and ensuring that waste is non-toxic and can be processed by the environment. The Honours Sustainable Chemistry program provides students with a uniquely integrated and inquiry-based approach to research and problem-solving in chemistry and chemistry-related areas. The traditional practices of Chemistry are examined through the lens of sustainability, with the objective to develop students who can identify and implement better ways to practice chemistry. In this program, students may choose to focus on experimental work, with access to elite analytical laboratory facilities with some of the most modern instrumentation found in any university in Canada.

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