Chem2O6 - 1997/98

Problem Set #11Answers January 23, 1998

1. Write a mechanism for the following reaction.


2. How would you use a Grignard reaction with an aldehyde or ketone to make the following compounds?

a) 2-pentanol

b) 1-butanol

c) diphenylmethanol


I have shortened the following answers to not include the making of the Grignard reagent in a couple of cases. Your answers should include this. The acid work-up is as you did in the lab.

Note that there can be alternative answers in most cases.

3. Write a mechanism for the following reaction.


In this answer I have not involved the equilibrium between butylamine and HCl. This will of course be occurring as a fast reaction. Thus loss of a proton will be to a free butylamine. The proton source will be the protonated butylamine.

4. Show how you would carry out the following transformations.


5. You have been given a sample of 2-butanol. You have need of 2-phenyl-2-butene for a specific application. How would you convert the 2-butanol to the desired material. You may use any reagents you wish including other carbon containing compounds.


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