McMaster University - Chem2O06 Lab Manual 1997/98

Experiment 1. The Separation of Solids, Recrystallization and Melting Point Determinations.

References: Ege, Chpt. 14.3, 22.3

(Students should begin Part A of this Experiment concurrent with Check-in.)

The separation of a mixture of two or more substances is a problem which is frequently encountered in organic chemistry. In Part A of this experiment, you are provided with a mixture of 4-chloroaniline, benzoic acid and 4-dibromobenzene in approximately equal proportions and are asked to separate the mixture into its three components. In Part B, you will purify each component separately by crystallization, and then identify them by comparison of their melting points with those of authentic samples which will be provided. You should be careful in this Experiment to obtain as quantitative a separation of the mixture as possible.

Part A: Separation of 4-Chloroaniline, Benzoic acid, and 4- Dibromobenzene.

Part B: Recrystallization and Melting Point Determinations.

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