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Micro/Nanostructuring of Patterned Thin Films

Our group has recently developed a simple, rapid and inexpensive technique to structure thin films at the micro- to nanoscale through the compressive stress induced by a shrinking substrate. We are currently exploring a wide variety of applications for the structured surfaces, ranging from electrochemical sensing to cell culturing. You can see a video that depicts the process we developed

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New Biomaterial Patterning Approaches

Our group develops and applies novel biomaterial patterning approaches based on microfabrication and surface chemistry techniques that can be used for the study of biological systems and for the development of biosensing devices. Current projects focus on the combination of soft lithography approaches to obtain microscale patterns of multiple biomaterials that can be realized under aqueous conditions.

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Single Molecule Investigation of Biomolecular Interactions

Our group leverages the power of high resolution fluorescence microscopy techniques, such as single molecule tracking, fluorescence correlation spectroscopy, Förster resonance energy transfer, and optical nanoscopy, to study the behaviour of individual molecules as they interact with microfabricated or natural biological environments. Our group also develops single molecule analysis methods that enable the accurate evaluation of biomolecular interactions. Current projects focus on elucidating cellulase-cellulose interactions through single molecule tracking and optical nanoscopy.